About us


My name is Audrey Horton. I’m mom to a beautiful boy named Joachim. When he was born , I took plenty of pictures. Because yes, they grow up so fast!

Do you know Anne Geddes? Even if you don’t I’m sure you’ve seen beautifuly posed baby pictures like this before.

That is what Mrs. Geddes became world-famous for: for her adorable baby photos.

When my son was born, we had just bought a new house. Because of our limited budget, hiring a professional photographer was out of the question. As I’d always had an interest in photography, it wasn’t that far fetched for wanting to photograph him myself.

Unfortunately since I live in Europe, access to photo props is very limited. American suppliers don’t always deliver in Europe and when they do, shipping is through the roof. Let’s not forget that most baby photo props are handmade. Which makes it all the more expensive. One time I bought a handmade beanie for $35 and shipping was another $25. Very painful!

That is why I decided to open this webshop. This webshop contains affordable baby photo props from across the globe ( baskets, beanies, backgrounds ) that all have FREE worldwide shipping.

I sure wish this site was online when I was shopping props! It surely would’ve saved me a lot of time and money!