How much should I charge for a photoshoot?

If you want to take your photography to the next level and not just as a hobby there are some things you have to consider to know how much you should charge for a photoshoot.

Public Liability Insurance for photographers

“I watch my cameras pretty closely since they are my most critical investment,” you might say, including that you ‘have been a photographer for a long time and never had any issues.” The truth is, the dangers associated with making a living as a paid photographer- if you work as a sole proprietor or as a business-extend far beyond replacing a stolen camera. Just like any industrial enterprise, a photographer encounters important risks each and every time customers pick his or her services.

How to use Facebook Ads to find photography clients

Advertising on Facebook is a must-do for anyone who wants their work to be noticed. If you have a product, service or website to market, nothing beats the targeting potential of today’s largest social network. A lot of professionals make good use paid advertising to expand their business reach, and it’s a fruitful investment with good returns.

Why it’s important to color calibrate your screen

You’ve spent hours and hours editing your photos, adjusting brightness, optimizing white balance. But what good does it all do if what you see on your screen is different from what you’ll see when it’s printed?

Dealing with an unhappy photography client

I don’t wish this upon anyone, but it’s highly unlikely that you will never have to deal with a client that is unhappy. So it’s best to come prepared.

Choosing a photography niche

Decide on your niche sooner rather than later!

5 Reasons why you should hire a professional photographer

Let me tell you why you should hire a professional !

Get your house in order: starting a photography business

Starting a photography business is a little more than just taking very beautiful pictures!

Soothing a fussy baby

Tips on how to soothe a fussy baby during a photoshoot!

Preparing parents for a newborn session

In order to have a successful newborn session, both parties should be at ease with each other.

Choosing the right backdrop for your photoshoot

It’s not as easy as one , two , three!

How to prepare for a baby photoshoot?

Are you about to do your very first baby photoshoot? You are in for a treat! Read up on our tips on how to prepare for it!

Basic equipment for photographing a baby

A list of gear that I think is essential when doing a newborn or baby photoshoot..