Choosing a photography niche

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Choosing a photography niche

Before choosing a photography niche, you need to know why you want to start a photography business. What is your drive? Being passionate about photography alone is not enough.

Choosing a photography niche

Why should anyone decide on choosing a photography niche?

A niche basically means you specialize in something. And we all want a specialist when it comes down to things that are important to us.

Whenever I browse a photographer’s website, I hate it when they say they photograph newborns, weddings, architecture, landscapes. Personally, it makes me feel like they’re happy to snap a picture of anything as long as they earn money with it. Not a very good feeling.

Photography is more than just owning and working with a professional camera! As I mentioned in an earlier article: we live in a digital age and everyone has a nice camera these days. It’s our job to make sure we stand out from the crowd. Choosing a niche is one way to stand out. Specialize in a certain kind of photography. When you’ve got lots of experience under your belt you can start thinking about organizing workshops.

Choosing a photography niche doesn’t mean you can’t-do anything else. Sometimes two kinds of photography niche markets go well together like for instance newborn & maternity photography. But if you enjoy multiple photography categories that have nothing in common it’s better to keep it apart. You can always set up a separate Facebook account and website.

Think out of the box

You should never be chosen over another photographer because you happened to be cheaper than the other photographer in town!

To stand out from the crowd as a photographer, it’s a good idea to think out of the box. What are you good at, besides photography? What are your strengths? What separates you from all those other photographers? So when you decided on your niche, what else is there that is so unique about you and your business? Did you study photography? Do you take workshops? Things like this should be mentioned on your website as well.

Do you love photographing babies and enjoy photographing landscapes? Perhaps you could start an outdoor newborn photography business. Do you have access to a unique location? Do you live on a farm? Think of those nice family sessions you could do!

This is something that shouldn’t be decided on a whim, really take your time to think about it.

Treat your customers as royalty

Being unique because of your photography & editing style these days is really difficult. Whenever you find a new technique other photographers will follow suit. It’s better and easier to stand out with your customer service.

If you sell portraits, you can offer to help them install them in their home. Talk about customer service! You don’t have to do it for free. You can include it in your shooting fee.

Have your previous clients help you out

If you are already in business it’s a good idea to have your previous clients help you out a little bit. In order to receive valuable feedback you can work with, there is only one thing you can do: ask for it. Ask them what they liked about you and your business and what could be done better.

Chances are big that you previous client knows people who might be interested in your business as well. So always give them an incentive to talk to their friends and family about you. Perhaps you could offer them a free print if one of their family or friends books a session.

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