How to prepare for a baby photoshoot?

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In an earlier article I talked to you about the basic setup you need to start photographing a baby. Now let’s talk on how to prepare for a baby photoshoot!

Turn on the heat!

The baby has been inside a warm and comfortable womb for the last 9 months. As they have a difficult time regulating their own temperature, it is extremely important to keep the room warm. If you choose to use a heater fan, don’t put it too close as it can hurt their sensitive skin. When putting the baby down on a blanket, don’t forget to use the blowdryer to warm the blanket. If you’re sweating during the session, it’s means you did a good job with the heat!

Make some noise!

You’d be surprised at how much noise the baby hears while in the womb. White noise ( ocean sounds, etc ) makes them feel at home.

Install the setup

Setup your backdrop and basket / beanbag you’ll be using. Decide if you’ll use natural light or studio light.

Best time of day to photograph a baby

The best time to photograph a baby is during the morning. In the afternoon babies tend to get stressed. And a stressed baby is the last thing we want! Just before photographing your baby, give them a bath and a feed. Full tummy = very happy baby.

Wash your hand

Before photographing your baby or someone else’s it’s a good idea to wash your hands. Never ever photograph a baby when you are ill. They’re very likely to catch it from you!

Appoint someone to assist you!

Always make sure you have an assistant who watches the baby at all time. You wouldn’t want your child, or someone else’s, fall down the beanbag.

Take your time!

Unfortunately you can’t tell babies how to pose. You’ll have to help them. Sometimes a baby really doesn’t want to fall asleep or curl up in those positions you want them too. Remember you can’t force them! Professional photographers sometimes spend 3 to 4 hours perfecting the poses!

If it doesn’t work out, it is unfortunate but you have to move on. If the baby really doesn’t want to, it’s best you give up and try again at a later date. Even professional photographers sometimes fail. During this session the baby decides if it works out or not.

After the session..

Make sure all your blankets, beanies, etc are laundered after each session. Don’t forget to read the washing instructions as sometimes items have to be handwashed.

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