How to use Facebook Ads to find photography clients

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How to use Facebook Ads to find photography clients

Advertising on Facebook is a must-do for anyone who wants their work to be noticed. If you have a product, service or website to market, nothing beats the targeting potential of today’s largest social network. A lot of professionals make good use paid advertising to expand their business reach, and it’s a fruitful investment with good returns. In this tutorial, we will show how to create newborn photography Facebook ads to win more clients.

Know your ideal client

Modelling your Newborn photography Facebook ads for a relevant audience will get you a large pool of new customers from different sources. These ads need to be respectful, readable, and visually attractive to efficiently drive the viewers to your website – and set you on your journey as a newborn photographer.

Aiming to reach as many people as possible is a huge waste of money. If someone isn’t an ideal customer for our photography business, why should we spend our money putting an ad in front of them? If you’re a newborn photographer you want to advertise your business to future parents or new moms and dads.

This is one of the biggest oversights photographers make when running internet ads. They get so keen on getting maximum exposure for their name and brand that they fail to consider who they’re really trying to reach.
We don’t just want to reach a maximum of people. We want to reach the RIGHT people. To do that, we need to narrow our target audience as much as possible. In this post, we’ll walk you through how to identify your ideal clients, create an audience in Facebook Ads, and filter that audience so only your perfect clients see your ad.

Login to Your Facebook Account and Then Visit the Menu

To set your Newborn photography Facebook advertisements, you just have log into your Facebook account. Proceed to the menu in the top right corner and then click on the Create Adverts button. (Notice: depending on where you are and language preferences, this can be ‘Create Ads’ instead.)

It will take you to a new page where you’re going to start shaping the ad.

Use facebook ads to find photography clients


Choose the goal of Your Campaign and Set up Advert Account

In this new page, you have to set the objective for this advertisement. Since you want to bring users to your website, you should select Traffic.

find photography clients with facebook ads

Now go to the bottom of the page and click on the “Set up ad account” button.

find photography clients with facebook ads

Add then basic information like your country, currency and timezone.

find photography clients with facebook ads

Hit the Continue button.

Choose the Right Persons to Target with Location, Age and Gender

Next you need to choose your target audience. In the Locations dropdown, you should pick Everyone in this location. It’s best to advertise to people who live near you.
In the Age and Gender area, you can select your choices. Narrow down your target audience to those that fit the profile of people who would be interested in newborn photography! Make sure your ad budget does not go to waste on people who are less likely to have newborn children.

find photography clients with facebook ads

Set up Detailed Targeting and Connection Type of Audience

You should click on Detailed Targeting field, and go to Demographics or Interests related to people with new infants, to makes sure that your advertisement targets the sort of people that fits the criteria to be a client for your newborn photography business.

As seen in the example below, there is a very wide variety of options to go for; such as ‘New Mom’ , ‘New Parents’ or ‘Newly Engaged for 6, 9 or 12 months’. Use your intelligence to narrow down your audience as much as possible to have the best turnover on your invested advertising budget.
find photography clients with facebook ads
From the Connections choice, it is possible to pick Facebook Pages and select Exclude individuals who like your webpage option so so that your ad campaign would target individuals who never seen your webpage.

Decide on Your budget and Handle Advanced Settings

Now you can scroll down to Budget and Schedule section. You are able to fix your budget and schedule the advertisement.

find photography clients with facebook ads

Facebook requires a minimal budget of $1 per day if your ad is based on impressions (People seeing the ad), and $5 per day if it is based on clicks, Likes, video reviews, or article involvement. You may read more about Facebook advertising minimal budgets on their support platform.

In the advanced settings, you can pick your bid amount and the date you want to be charged.

When you’re done with your settings, hit the Continue button.

Pick the Format of Your Facebook Ad and Add an Image to go with it

You will now be shown a new page where you need to select the format of the advertising. There are different formats available like a carousel, single image, single video, slideshow and more.

find photography clients with facebook ads

After choosing the format, you should select the image or video according to your selected format for the ad.

Add Link to your website, a Headline, a Caption and Confirm the Campaign.

Now you should scroll down to see the links and preview option. You need to add the URL of the website (or landing page) where you want to get the traffic (visitors) from your ads.

find photography clients with facebook ads

Here you should supply your ad with a headline and a text. The advertisement will appear on the right side of the screen, so you can see how it would look like to your audience and make the changes you need as suited.

Once you are satisfied with your Newborn photography Facebook ads, scroll down and click on the Confirm button. Enter your payment details, and then your ads will be reviewed by the Facebook team and published.

Once your campaign has started to show some success, I would advise you to hone a few features on your advertisements to improve conversions (turning impressions into actual clicks on the ad).

For display time, I exclusively display my advertisement on weekends between 08:30 and 23:00 and during weekdays between 17:20 to 22:200. This would allow you to target your audience during the evening after they’re done with work and when they are off at the weekend.

Make sure to test different images and Ad forms, as people may not like that particular photo, but really like some of your other shots.

Here is an example of a newborn photography Facebook ad that can help you shape your own :

find photography clients with facebook ads

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