Soothing a fussy baby

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Soothing a fussy baby

Sometimes photographing a baby doesn’t always go as planned.

In order to have a smooth and successful session, it’s important the baby remains calm. As babies are able to sense when others around them are nervous or angry it’s important that you and the parents stay calm.

Babies can’t soothe themselves, they will have to depend on others to soothe them.


When you search for newborn pictures, I guarantee you, you will find a lot of pictures where the baby is wrapped tightly in a cheesecloth or blanket. Swaddling makes them feel warm & safe. Something the baby grew accustomed to when he or she was still in the womb.

White noise

While in the womb, babies get used to hearing the sound of blood flowing. Any kind of white noise or ‘ shushing ‘ will comfort the baby. Besides downloading a white noise app right on your phone or buying a baby with built-in white noise sound, you can just ‘ shhh ‘ the baby with your voice.


If the baby needs comforting they love to swing. Swinging recreates the rocking motion they felt while being in the womb.


Sucking their pacifier (or tumb) works comforting and calming. Always ask the parents to bring a pacifier. Some parents are against using a pacifier so I explain to them how calming it would be for the baby. If they don’t want to use it we won’t make them.


Babies love laying on their side or stomach. They love laying on their stomach so much that parents have to make sure they don’t roll over in their sleep to sleep on their stomach as this is proven to increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. But for photography purposes, it’s perfectly safe. Laying on their tummy makes them feel soothed & relaxed.

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